New Virtual Reality Application: Rome Circus Maximus: Chariot Race

Horse chariot racing game in the Circus Maximus of ancient Rome with Virtual Reality.

You can feel immersed in racing where speed is not as important as intelligence and skill. The 180 degree turns in this type of races make the position taken is important and the possibility of displacing the opponent has an advantage.

No need to explain, you’ve already lived in the movies this type of races in films like Ben-Hur, but now you will be the protagonist. Enjoy it!

Android Google Play:

iTunes Store:

Oculus Rift Store:


You can run at night and with obstacle course. There will also be prizes that you will have to collect for higher scores and achievements.

In the future there will be online races where you can compete against up to 4 opponents.


3 thoughts on “New Virtual Reality Application: Rome Circus Maximus: Chariot Race

  1. How do you play? Bought on Oculus, but I’ve tried with the Xbox controller, Touch controllers, and Oculus Remote, and all I can get the game to do is select “day” or “night” and turn the whole screen a solid color. It sounds cool, but if I can’t get it to do anything, I’ll have to just get a refund.


    1. Hi,
      Something is changed in Oculus updates that can not select mode with A button. Please select mode with your mouse and I will solve this problem as soon as I could.


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